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Backed by tech giants Google and Microsoft, AngularJS has also won the hearts of some of the world’s most successful companies, such as PayPal and Netflix. This framework offers an abundance of features that can enhance your websites and applications. With the rise of its popularity, many AngularJS developers claim they can deliver stellar results. But we wouldn’t just take their word for it. Instead, we conducted an extensive search to find the best AngularJS companies and compare them against our rigorous evaluation criteria. Scroll down to discover our unbiased list of trusted developers, learn more about our ranking process, and check out our tips on how to choose the right partner for your project.

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7 Top AngularJS Development Companies


Founded in 2003, Fingent has established itself as one of the top software companies. The team of professionals leverages their technology and industry expertise to deliver innovative web and mobile solutions that solve complex business problems. See profile
Service focus

Custom Software Development

Web Development

Mobile App Development

Key features

$ 50,000

$ 50-99


United States, New York, New York City

Unified Infotech

This group offers a beautiful, results-driven, SEO-friendly, and responsive web design, ensuring your end-user has a great experience. They also use the latest cutting-edge technologies to keep you up to date. With all of their skills combined, they will ensure that your business website makes a great first (or second or third) impression. See profile
Service focus

Web Design

Web Development

Key features

$ 10,000

$ 25-49


United States, New York, New York City

Elsner Technologies

Elsner is an offshore web development company with highly talented experts who always strive to raise the bar and provide state-of-the-art solutions. Driven by honesty, integrity, and high-quality deliverables, they have a base of 2,500+ satisfied clients. See profile
Service focus

WordPress Development

Magento Development

SEO Services

PPC Ads Management

Key features

$ 5,000

$ 25-49


India, Ahmedabad


NineHertz is a massive programming hub that spans 15+ countries, 200+ seasoned professionals, and 1,000+ successfully executed projects. Dedicated to developing relationships beyond the contract, the firm elevates the client experience with state-of-the-art technology and round-the-clock support. See profile
Service focus

Mobile App Development

Web Development

Digital Marketing

Ecommerce and CMS Development

Key features

$ 5,000

$ 0-24


United States, Ohio, Cincinnati


ELEKS helps leading brands and businesses prosper in the cluttered market through product design, custom software development, QA, and consultancy services. Whether you need to close IT gaps, reduce operational costs, or adopt new technologies, these developers can offer the right solution and guide you through the entire process from implementation to support. See profile
Service focus

Custom Software Development

Cloud Consulting & SI

IT Staff Augmentation

Web Development

Key features

$ 5,000

$ 50-99


Ukraine, Lviv


IT CRAFT delivers top-notch expertise and a five-star experience at reasonable costs. What started as a one-man-band is now a software powerhouse with a global presence. The firm has completed 2,250 projects, equipping clients with digital solutions that help them thrive in nowaday’s crowded market. See profile
Service focus

Web Development

Mobile App Development


Custom Software Development

Key features

$ 10,000

$ 50-99


Germany, Berlin

Dunice LLC

With over 8 years of experience in developing high-quality products, Dunice LLC has more than 300 successfully completed projects under its belt. They help clients attract more customers and boost their profits by developing custom software, web and mobile applications, websites, and more. See profile
Service focus

Unit Testing

Project Management

QA Testing


Key features

$ 5,000

$ 25-49


Russia, Taganrog

How We Ranked the Best AngularJS Developers

We joined forces with trusted tech professionals to help us develop a custom ranking methodology. Then we employed these metrics to curate a list of the best developers available for hire.

The areas we investigated throughout the process include past work, companies’ reputation, expertise and service offerings, necessary skills, tool proficiency, workflows, and pricing.

Scroll down to learn more about our unbiased ranking process.

Portfolio & Case Studies

We start the process with an evaluation of past work and case studies to determine which AngularJS development firms should make our list. We investigate what they did, for whom and how the developed solutions perform against the competition. Their websites, apps, and other digital products undergo a detailed examination of design, speed, and performance.

We contact past and present clients to hear their side of the story. We ask them how satisfied they are with the solutions, whether the companies have met their expectations and whether the collaboration has delivered a satisfactory ROI. To save you time and effort, we eliminate the companies that bring unsatisfactory results.


Since at the time of writing there isn’t any official certificate for AngularJS programming and development, we check for certifications in other technologies compatible with this framework, like JavaScript. While these certifications don’t affect the ranking process, those from the International Organization for Standards (ISO) are important when deciding which vendor to hire.

Three standards – ISO 20000, ISO 27001, and ISO 2230 – are dedicated to verifying the quality of IT service management, information security, and business continuity. We give higher ranking to trustworthy companies that have taken the time to get verified by this globally respected organization.

Company’s Reputation

Since reputation is not a quantitative factor, it takes in-depth research and analyses to select the AngularJS development agencies you can trust with your visions. We go through a lengthy process to confirm the expertise and the quality of service each company provides.

We search for verified reviews across multiple platforms such as business directories, websites, and social media pages to determine the level of client satisfaction. Going through countless testimonials, we fill each company profile out with advantages and disadvantages, as highlighted by real clients. We also check which companies come highly referred by peers.

We then evaluate these findings to detect any unsolved problems that tend to repeat. Lastly, we get in touch with past clients to see whether the AngularJS development companies they worked with have taken the necessary measures to address any issues and ensure they won’t repeat in the future. Only highly reputable companies that care for their clients and provide a five-star experience have secured a spot on our list.

Services Evaluation

Backed by Google and an extensive network of talented developers, AngularJS has evolved into one of the most widely used JavaScript frameworks. Some companies have a more narrow focus to just a few select services, while others boost diverse teams that can harness the full power of this framework. Read on to find out more about each of the most in-demand services.

AngularJS Web Development

As a JavaScript-based structural framework, AngularJS is widely used by front-end web developers for creating the intuitive part of the website. It’s a framework that packs a robust set of tools, giving programmers one centralized place to set up the front end of a website. Its MVC architecture offers support to the back-end as well. We check websites that companies have developed in the past to determine their responsiveness, features, and overall performance.

AngularJS Web Application Development

AngularJS allows developers to create dynamic and robust web apps quickly and with less code. It also boasts excellent testing capabilities, keeping mistakes throughout the process at a minimum. When used correctly, it can deliver unrivaled scalability. That’s why we look for experienced AngularJS developers who can utilize the fullest potential of this progressive framework, building apps that help businesses run more efficiently.

AngularJS SPA Development

Only experienced professionals would be familiar with the latest AngularJS trends, such as dependency injection, inversion control, and modular design. Utilizing the full power of this framework, they can help you build Single Page Applications that load on one HTML. Highly responsive and without constant page reloads, SPAs provide faster performance and enhance the users’ overall experience. Developers should ensure that clients’ SPA’s are highly flexible, scalable, and reliable.

AngularJS Mobile App Development

There are plenty of technologies to develop mobile apps nowadays, so you have to choose the one that resonates with your requirements the most. While AngularJS is excellent for different purposes, top app development companies are using this framework to build apps that fall in some of the following categories:

  • Video streaming apps
  • Apps for user reviews
  • User-generated and content portals apps
  • Interactive social apps
  • Travel and destination finder apps
  • Weather update apps

We look for AngularJS service providers well-versed in a wide range of tools. They should be able to create mobile apps that can handle large volumes of data and users, all while performing at top efficiency and speed. Combining smart design and user experience with seamless coding skills, the app design expertsrely on this framework to craft feature-rich mobile apps.

AngularJS Ecommerce Development

Top ecommerce developers rely on AngularJS due to its high speed and vast UX capabilities. We look for seasoned teams who can create interactive, feature-rich, and secure online stores, offering your customers an enjoyable shopping experience. Because of the fierce competition on the market, it has become the norm for websites to load in less than four seconds. Otherwise, your customers will head elsewhere.

That’s why we look for AngularJS development companies that can build fast, yet light in size AngularJS-based websites. They should utilize the different UI and UX controls, enabling two-way data with state-of-the-art architectural design.

AngularJS Custom App Development

We look for developers with rich expertise in creating apps that can satisfy specific business needs. Since AngularJS app development capabilities cover both large-scale and small apps, we test different solutions to ensure these companies can tackle a variety of challenges.

We contact enterprises that have collaborated with the companies to learn how the custom apps have elevated their business. We expect developers to possess extensive industry and technical knowledge, allowing them to apply this framework for business success.

AngularJS Custom Software Development

Rapid development, low-maintenance code, programming flexibility, and collaboration support are among the biggest reasons why enterprises are massively embracing AngularJS for fulfilling internal and commercial needs. There's no doubt that AngularJS development supports large-scale, feature-rich, and personalized applications. Developers, however, must have an excellent knowledge of the framework's ecosystem to utilize all of its advantages.

From a technical aspect, they need to establish a coding style guide, have a profound understanding of all the complexities of the scope life-cycle, and be able to develop different custom features. The software development specialists we featured take the time to learn more about your organization and design a plan that will bring you the highest ROI.

AngularJS Plugins Development

To extend the versatility and usability of your solutions, developers must know how to create plugins and themes. These tools allow them to add features to your websites and apps as per your unique business needs. In addition to technical expertise, we look for analytical minds that can recognize which features would enhance the overall user experience. They must be able to make creative suggestions, leaving you with many possible options to implement.

AngularJS Portal Development

Every AngularJS developer should be able to provide portal development solutions for startups, enterprises, and everything in between unless they have a specific client focus. The portals should be visually appealing, highly secure, and rich in functions, yet simple to use.

AngularJS Real-Time App Development

The demand for real-time data exchange is on the rise as technology advances. Users feel more valued and engaged when they receive real-time information. To turn this feature into a competitive advantage for your business, you need seasoned developers who can build a responsive and fully-functional web app that keeps your audience updated at all times.

AngularJS API Development

We check whether AngularJS development agencies can answer specific requests by creating high-performing and scalable APIs. The APIs should provide seamless integration between data, applications, and devices.

Additional Services Offered

Clients favor companies that offer expertise in other domains closely related to development. Both sides get more for their time and investment, resulting in a fruitful collaboration. For this reason, we look for companies that provide advanced expertise that clients often request along with AgnularJS services.

AngularJS Consulting

We look for experienced professionals who can help clients build a tech strategy that covers all of their business needs. To make this happen, they need a profound understanding of their situation first. After careful evaluation, developers can craft a strategy that will solve the toughest challenges and elevate the business. They should introduce you to the benefits of the AngularJS framework and follow the best development and testing practices for developing and testing throughout the process.

AngularJS Migration Services

We look for AngularJS development firms that can help you transition from one environment to another without glitches and, most importantly, without putting your business off track. They should also be able to answer requests related to upgrading to newer versions of this framework.

AngularJS Support and Maintenance

We give advantage to companies that stand by the client even after everything is said and done. Having professionals watch over your software can power up your organization on so many levels. You can focus on doing actual business instead of having to deal with tech glitches. We look for AngularJS development companies that provide frequent maintenance, which allows them to notice issues before they turn into a crisis, and take timely actions. Round-the-clock support is a big plus, especially when it comes to outsourced companies. With 24/7 availability, you don’t need to worry about the time zone differences, and can address issues or concerns at any time.

Tool Proficiency

As an open-source framework, AngularJS offers an abundance of tools for manipulation. While it’s impossible for a single AngularJS development company to know them all, we expect a deep understanding of at least the most widely used ones. We discuss each of the top tools in the dedicated sections below.


Webstorm is a smart code editor tool that is compatible with most modern technologies, including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It packs a rich set of features like autocompletion, refactoring, and progressive error prevention that speed up the overall developing process. We expect an excellent understanding of this tool as it offers substantial coding assistance to AngularJS developers.


Karma is a testing tool that enables easy debugging and real-time browser implementation. It supports unit testing, midway testing, and E2E testing, allowing developers to check the quality of the code in a real ecosystem and on different devices. Highly beneficial for the long-run development process, most world-class companies use Karma to verify its code.


Protractor is one of the top AngularJS development tools for testing. It provides reliable automation and end-to-end verification for AngularJS apps. With support across multiple browsers, this tool creates a real ecosystem experience for programmers.


Mean is one of the most potent AngularJS application development tools that act as a boilerplate across various platforms. It consists of multiple pre-configured modules such as Passport and Mongoose that developers find extremely useful. The tool allows professionals to modify or write reusable code, among other things. Every developer should know how to manipulate Mean to build powerful applications.


Widely used by almost every NodeJS development company, Mocha.js is also compatible with AngularJS. It’s a feature-rich testing framework that provides browser, async support, auto-exit, and testing support.


Jasmine is one of the AngularJS's most used tools that allows developers to read, write, and test their code quickly. Used for behavior-driven development, almost every React Native development company relies on this tool as its an excellent choice for many JavaScript projects.

Sublime Text

Sublime text is the code editor of choice for many developers, helping them create and test codes for any web page or app. It also allows editing two locations in one file side by side. The tool is ideal for fast and secure development. Packed with many useful features such as Split editing, Cross-Platform editing, and Instant Project Switch, we consider Sublime Text a must-have in the toolkit of every AngularJS developer.


AngularFire helps developers create the backend of AngularJS apps, making the entire process easier. It offers a flexible API, real-time database, server-side rendering, and 3-way data binding. Developers also use it to monitor application performance. It’s the official library that enables connection to Firebase.

This tool for AngularJS development provides macros and mentions widgets without being dependent on jQuery. Developers can apply directly to any element and use it to control these display features. The tool supports typeahead processing, eventing, positioning, and data binding.

Proficiency With HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

Excellent understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript is a must for every AngularJS engineer. We look for professionals who can write code for a variety of project requirements. They must follow the best practices that are essential for building AngularJS solutions properly.

Excellent Understanding of MVVM and MVC

We check how well AngularJS developers can engage clients with the MVC/MVVM architecture. The Model-View-View-Model is essential for data binding functions, while the Model-View-Controler plays a crucial role in designing user interfaces. Developers must follow this architecture to ensure a successful outcome of the project. Here are the relevant skills we look for:

  • Separation of concerns
  • Data binding
  • Command binding
  • Validation
  • Unit testing

Analytical Skills

Every Angular development project requires strong analytical skills. We present ourselves as potential clients and ask strategic questions to learn whether these companies can understand challenges of diverse nature, find the logical solutions behind the issues, and create codes based on that. We also check whether they’ve managed to tackle past clients’ projects successfully. We recommend only top web development companies that have shown outstanding creativity and problem-solving skills.

Communication Skills

Developers need to be in constant contact throughout the process. The front end and back end team should communicate ideas regularly and join their forces to create the best possible solution for the client. Since more people are working on one solution, keeping data and documentation organized is key to a seamless transition from one development phase to another.

Developers should also speak a language their clients understand, avoiding strictly technical terms. We made sure to feature only providers of AngularJS services that run their projects smoothly through clear internal and external communication channels.

Management & Reporting

We get in the role of potential clients to find out more about companies' manner of work.
First, they should dedicate time to understand the organization and its challenges. After proper research and planning, they can start the development process. Ideally, the AngularJS development agency would break down the project into multiple milestones and submit work for review once each phase is completed. This way, you can request timely changes and ensure that the project is progressing as planned. We recommend only companies that support an agile development cycle through a set of proven methods and practices that ensure effective results.


Before sealing the deal with an AngularJS development firm, you must be wondering how much these services cost. There isn’t a universal answer to this question as the price will significantly depend on your requirements, the amount of work needed, the complexity of the project, and the location of the company. Novices will charge less than senior developers, but you can only cover basic needs with their knowledge. If your project is more challenging, it’s best to hire experienced developers rather than waste your resources on a cheap freelancer that just got started with AngularJS. We don’t necessarily list the cheapest or the most expensive companies, but those that fall within industry standards and offer the best value for the price.

How to Hire The Right AngularJS Development Company for Your Project

Each company comes with a unique set of services, so you have to determine which one suits your needs best. To help you find the right AngularJS partner for your project, we outlined the essential questions to ask and actions to take.

Set Clear Goals

Think of hiring a developer as hiring an in-house team member. What would you include in the job listing? What kind of solution do you need? What challenges do you hope to solve with these services? Write those things down. This way, you can make sure that each AngularJS service provider you interview will provide answers to all of your critical questions.

See if the Company is a Cultural Fit

To ensure an enjoyable collaboration, try to meet the people that will work on your project. If meeting in-person is not possible, arrange an online discussion with the team. This way, you can learn more not only about their expertise, but get an idea of how working with a particular company feels like. Do you prefer to keep things professional or would like a team that works in a non-corporate atmosphere? Think of the ideal personality of your AngularJS partner and hire the one that matches your preferences.

Industry Experience

We’ve listed AngularJS development companies that offer industry-specific expertise across various domains. These experts can shape the solutions for success in your industry. Whether it’s an app that will drive sales or internal software to boost your organization’s performance, you need to look for companies that have tackled similar issues. Go through portfolios and case studies and ask companies whether they specialize in a particular domain. Depending on the nature of your project, you might want to narrow down your choices to companies that understand your industry.

Define Your Budget

It’s best to interview different AngularJS developers and gather their quotes for comparison. This way, you’ll be able to set a more specific budget and eliminate the ones that fall outside your financial capabilities. Typically, you’ll be left with a few choices and pick the one that ticks all the boxes.